Hobbies: Trying Astrology

Hey babes! So I did finish another hobby recently and this one took a lot faster because I was already interested in this before I decided to actually do it as a hobby. Going into this hobby I had good background information on what it’s all about so I caught on pretty quick.

I was able to learn how to figure out people’s Star charts, what different placements mean, I learned different signs characteristics and their good/ bad sides. It’s so interesting how true Astrology is. I really believe in it and I wanted to share a little what I found out about myself.

I first found out that you have 3 signs. A sun sign, a moon sign and an ascendant/rising sign. That is really the basics. Don’t worry I won’t go into how you make charts or what other placements mean. It took a lot of reading for me to even have the slight grasp that I do on how all of it works. I will only be going over my three signs and what I learned about what that means about me. All of these signs come together and make up who you are in some sense. In a very basic way to explain moon signs and sun signs is the moon sign is who you are and the sun sign is who you are working/ learning to become.

If you know your Zodiac sign that aligns with the month and day of your birthday, this means you know your sun sign. I am a Leo, and my sign is of a lion. Leo’s are very loyal people, they are courageous, outgoing, and they are leaders. Leo’s are also stubborn, they spend money as fast as they get it, and they hold themselves to such a high standard that if they don’t meet that standard, they beat themselves up about it.

You can find your moon sign and ascending/rising sign by going to google and looking it up by a highly rated website. All you need to know is your birth date, year, time, and where you were born. I found out that my moon sign is Scorpio, this means that I am very sensitive to others emotions/ energies. Scorpio moons are intense, and bottle up their feelings. It also means that I am able to easily understand others motives and context of what they say. I am said to be alluring, mysterious, jealous, obsessive and secretive.

An ascending/rising sign is said to show the way you project yourself, how others see you, and the kind of experiences you need to make your life meaningful. My rising sign is a Virgo which means I’m highly critical of others but mostly of myself. I’m sensitive and my health can be impacted if I am exposed to negative emotional energy or stress. I am always aiming for perfection, I fear chaos and I am always willing to help others.

These are so me and I definitely suggest looking into your own! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below what your signs are.

– Stay Chic,

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