Matedeconk Golf Outfit And Experience

Hey fashionistas! For my job I was invited to a golf tournament at Matedeconk Golf Course which is a private country club that costs A LOT of money to be a part of. This golf course was in the PGA Tours for professional golfers. I had an amazing experience here and I wanted to share that experience with you all as well as the outfit that I wore to golf there. 

As for the experience, we walked in and we were greeted with some free breakfast. Since it was pretty hot out I decided to go with some fruit and water, I didn’t want to eat anything too heavy when we were going to spend some time in the heat.
I wore this green and white pinstriped top with blue khaki shorts for my outfit while we were golfing.
We then were driven to the driving range on the course to practice our shots. I was able to take some Matedeconk tees home with me as mementos. We then met our golf caddy who was actually from Scotland and had an amazing accent (I could have asked him to talk to me all day, lol)! With that being said, we played 18 holes of golf on the beautiful Matedeconk course. When we finished the game we were told to freshen up for the tournament dinner. I actually took a shower, I blow dried my hair, straightened my hair, freshened up my makeup and they even had throw away tooth brushes to use to brush your teeth! 
I got ready and wore a green and white polka dot dress with some black flats for an elegant and put-together look. I had an amazing time at this course and I am so thankful to have been invited to come and play a tournament here with my company. 
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-Stay Chic,

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