Adidas Purchase Haul And Try-On

Hey fashionistas! I have another haul for y’all today but today’s haul has to do with sneakers. During my Daytona trip we got stuck in the rain and I was wearing my white Adidas sports sneakers. Well, I happened to be on a grass field when the storm hit and the field ended up getting extremely muddy in a small amount of time. After the storm my shoes were no longer white, they were a light shade of brown. 

So, I needed to replace my white sneakers especially because there was no saving those sneakers. I didn’t even bother packing them in my bag to go home. I actually left the muddy shoes in my hotel room trash can because there was no actual point in saving them. They smelled bad, and they were still soaking wet and dirty. 
I ended up getting two other pairs because they were only $45 each, which is pretty cheap for a pair of nice Adidas sneakers. I got them in white, black and in blue. The sneakers are extremely comfortable, I can attest to that because I spent over 15 hours a day walking around in them while working. I was also carrying camera equipment with me the whole time too. I love these sneakers and I recommend trying them out. If you’re interested in your own pair you can get them here: 
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-Stay Chic,

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