My Daytona, Florida Trip Re-Cap

Hello to all of my amazing readers! Today I am going to do a small recap of my Daytona Trip because I actually have to say two days later than I expected. This is because the NASCAR Monster Energy NASCAR Series race got postponed for a whole day because of the rain.

The rain has been on and off in Daytona while we were here but of course, a huge storm came just as the race was about to start. I’m okay with being stuck here for another day but I definitely wanted to update you all on my trip here!
The flight there was kind of tight to be completely honest and almost uncomfortable just because we took a very small plane home. I also was able to squeeze in some pool time before our company meeting because I definitely needed a little time to relax after such a stressful day of traveling. Later, I led the company meeting and then ended the day with getting some celebratory drinks with co-workers. 
The next morning I woke up to a beautiful sunrise outside my room balcony and then I got ready and made my way downstairs to meet everyone for work. For the next few days it was just me working with my co-workers. But overall Daytona was a ton of fun!
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-Stay Chic, 

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