4th Of July Outfit Idea

Hi fashionistas! Today’s post I am going to be discussing one of the most patriotic holidays we have here in the United States of America, and that holiday is 4th of July, our independence day! So, I hope you are all having a very Happy 4th of July if you celebrate! 
I really wanted to get into an outfit idea that I had for this 4th of July and I was actually inspired by a meme I saw on Facebook!

This meme really got me thinking about my childhood and how my mom would always put us in Old Navy t-shirts on 4th of July and I wanted to re-create that pastime. With that being said, I made a little outfit collage of what to wear on 4th of July with an Old Navy American Flag t-shirt. 
I felt that this outfit really spoke to my inner child and I absolutely love it! I hope you enjoyed this post and have a happy 4th! Remember to subscribe for emails to be notified when I post new content and make sure to comment down below what your favorite tradition is for 4th of July!
-Stay Chic,

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