My Travel Necessities

Hey y’all! Today’s the day that I am going to Daytona for my business trip and this whole trip has got me thinking, what are my travel essentials? Sometimes I feel like we don’t even realize that we absolutely NEED certain things until we don’t have it. For example, when you see someone putting on chapstick and you forgot yours at home… All of a sudden you have a serious need for some chapstick! 
So, what are my travel essentials? I listed 10 of them here:
  1. Gum- Yes, one of the quite obvious essentials for a flight but the presence or absence of gum while traveling can really make or break your flight. Especially when your ears start to pop, it’s uncomfortable if they don’t pop but gum fixes that problem! 
  2. Chapstick- I have chapstick on the mind as you can tell because I actually did leave mine at home and now I’m realizing I desperately need it on this plane. 
  3. Eye mask- I ALWAYS travel with a throw away eyemask. Why throw away? I grab a cheap one from the Dollar Tree and usually I’ll toss it after my trip because I wore makeup on the flight and mascara usually makes its way on the inside of the eye mask so I wont re-wear it!
  4. Ear plugs- This is important if you don’t know your sleeping situation when you get to your destination and it just so happens you are paired with a snorer or even if you know who you’re sleeping next to, you might have a “Chatty Kathy” next to you on the flight. Save yourself the trouble and grab a pair of these ear plugs at the drugstore or even the Dollar Store!
  5. Headphones- If you have a smartphone or an iPod/MP3 Player, make sure you bring it with some headphones attached! This helps you keep your mind occupied for a good portion of the flight.
  6. Books- Well, sometimes music can’t keep your attention when you’re going stir-crazy, bring a book and you’ll be able to dive into a different reality for a little bit of time! Make sure you bring an interesting book though, you don’t want to bore yourself if the book isn’t interesting to you.
  7. Downloaded Movies/ TV Shows- If you’re lucky you’ll be on a flight that has a TV with pre-loaded movies and show re-runs. If you aren’t lucky (like me) and your plane doesn’t have any of that, you can just download movies and TV shows yourself! If you have a Netflix or Hulu account, you can do this easily. If not, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial for Netflix or Hulu OR if you don’t trust yourself to cancel before the 30 day mark then purchase a digital movie from Amazon, Google Play or even iTunes! 
  8. Sunglasses- Sometimes during a really early flight the sun isn’t even up yet and the people on the flight might keep their windows open. Well, while you’re enjoying your flight you might have a rude awakening for when you have the sun blaring in your eyes. Luckily you brought your sunglasses! 
  9. Ibuprofen, Tums and Gas-X- Nothing is worse than being stuck on a plane with indigestion, a headache or gas pains. Make sure you bring medicines to fight those problems before they LITERALLY fight you!
  10. Travel size perfume- Sometimes in a tight space such as a plane there are odors that you can’t escape whether it be a person, the bathroom or even someone’s overpowering aftershave. Bring one of those travel/sample size perfumes and if you are met with an offensive odor that you can’t escape then spray a little perfume on your finger while in the bathroom and rub it on the tip of your nose. The only thing you can smell is the perfume! 
I hope you enjoyed this post and I also hope it helped you with items you could bring on your next flight. Remember to subscribe for emails to be notified when I post new content and make sure you comment below your essentials!
-Stay Chic,

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