Hobbies: Trying Upcycling Furniture

Hey y’all! I wanted to hop on here because I finally finished trying ANOTHER hobby. For those of you who have been following me for a while know my journey, but for those who don’t let me explain! A year or more ago I decided that I wanted to try a new hobby whenever I had the chance and I have tried a ton of hobbies already and here I am about to check another hobby off the list. I usually try the hobby for at least 3 months or so and I try my hardest to get proficient in that hobby before moving on. Sometimes if I like it enough I will adopt it as a hobby I do often.
This time I tried upcycling with Ryan. We upcycled A LOT of furniture and either gave it to family members or we sold it for profit. We would try to do this hobby in a cheap way because we don’t want to spend a lot to upcycle antique furniture. So, what we would do is go out on a Sunday morning or drive around on the weekend and see what we can find for free on the side of the road. To our surprise we found most of the things we upcycled this way. 
All of the things we’ve upcycled and got for free or for extremely cheap from a garage sale or second hand store includes an entryway table, two end tables, a natural wood wicker bench, a high top kitchen table, a child’s vanity, two outdoor tables, two outdoor chairs, eight outdoor chair set, a Little Tykes playhouse, a small child’s wooden chair, a brown leather storage ottoman, a metal letter “R” and a jewelry stand. 
It was a pretty easy hobby to get into because it’s all common sense if you’re already into DIY and even if you need to learn stuff, there is a ton of information out on the internet and on YouTube. I enjoyed this hobby a lot especially because I used most of the items to re-vamp my own house or for some extra cash in my pocket! I will definitely be adopting this as my own hobby and so is Ryan! We love upcycling furniture!
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-Stay Chic,

2 thoughts on “Hobbies: Trying Upcycling Furniture

    1. Yes! I also love helping others see beauty in things they thought were broken or outdated! I can’t tell you how many times a family member was going to throw away old furniture and after repurposing it they were in love. Sometimes items just need a little TLC 😊!


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