Hi fashionistas! I am going to a gender reveal party today and I wanted to share the outfit as well as the makeup I have on today. I also wanted to discuss what an appropriate gift to purchase is for a gender reveal party. 

Lets discuss the gift first and foremost! Do you have to bring a gift to a gender reveal party? No, not necessarily and it isn’t common for people to get gifts for the gender reveal. But, if you are going to bring a gift as a nice gesture, what should you purchase? Especially without knowing the gender of the baby. Well, for the party I put together a whole gift basket full of gender neutral items. I picked out yellow and gray onesies and blankets from Marshall’s and put them in a basket with teething rings, a giraffe stuffed animal, some pacifiers and some other baby related things. I topped the gift basket off with clear cellophane and a gray and yellow bow. Attached to the bow I put a $50 gift card for Target.
For my outfit I picked up a blue striped jumpsuit from Marshall’s and I put my hair half up-half down and I did my makeup in full on glam but with neutral shadow colors. I wore blue because I was team boy, it wasn’t a requirement but I felt it was an appropriate outfit for the occasion! With the jumpsuit I wore a collection of gold rings and I wore camel colored sandals! Also the baby ended up being a boy!
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-Stay Chic,

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