New Shoes: June 2019

Hey fashionistas! I am starting a new post called “New Shoes” and this post will be happening every month. As you may or may not be aware of, I recently got rid of my JustFab but I did have enough points left over to cash in for a few pairs of shoes which I will be writing posts about. But, instead of covering my JustFab shoes I will be covering any new shoes I get for that month that I feel are worth mentioning.
I am a huge fan of shoes and it all started when I first joined JustFab, I joined it because it was almost like a monthly subscription service but you get to choose which shoes you get each month. Plus, they always had amazing deals on their website that included 60% off sales, and even BOGO sales! It was extremely worth it and it truly did help me in building my shoe collection. Before I had maybe 4 pairs of heels, 3 pairs of sneakers, 2 boots and 1 pair of sandals. In retrospect that isn’t a lot, especially when you are trying to run a fashion and beauty blog. 
I love JustFab and I will always advocate to join their VIP Membership if you think it suits you and your lifestyle. I cancelled my membership because I have SO MANY SHOES. Not only from JustFab but other stores as well and I just don’t have the room for the amount of shoes I already have. So I am taking a hiatus until my storage situation or living situation changes. 
With all of that being said, lets get into this month’s new shoe that I had purchased. Since this is a relatively new type of post I only have one pair of shoes to share but they are a super cute pair if I have to say so myself. I purchased a cute pair of tan suede buckle sandals, these are a fake version of Birkenstock sandals that I got for $20 from Target and they are so comfortable and fashionable. I have styled these shoes with a plain t-shirt and a rolled up pair of ripped jeans to a nice linen material yellow blouse and some rolled up mom jeans. I definitely recommend purchasing these shoes and if you’re interested in your own pair you can get them here:
I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for emails to be notified when I post new content and comment down below what you think of this month’s shoes!
-Stay Chic,

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