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Soda Shoes Haul

Hey fashionistas! I had just made a shoe purchase that is making me super excited to share with you! I’ve only heard of Soda shoes once or twice and I think once I heard of them while shopping on Amazon for some cute shoes. I read the comments and they mentioned that they weren’t sure if the shoes sold on Amazon were authentic Soda shoes or not but nonetheless they were cute. Recently, I decided I wanted to try and buy a pair of shoes off of SHEIN. I purchased a bunch of clothes (which will be in it’s own separate haul) so I decided I was going to also get a pair of shoes. 

The shoes came in a Soda box and I was actually really excited to finally try these Soda shoes on and also hoping that I didn’t run into the same problem as the woman on Amazon. I got a cute pair of cheetah espadrilles. I am not sure if I am more excited to have my first pair of espadrilles or that they are actually super cute when I tried them on. I paired these shoes with a very chic outfit. I wore some medium washed ripped denim jeans, a fuzzy white sweater, the cheetah espadrilles and I paired it with some light tan and brown tortoise shell patterned earrings.
I was very happy with my purchase and I definitely recommend purchasing these shoes! If you are interested in purchasing your own pair you can find them here: 
If you are interested in the whole outfit you can find similar pieces here: 
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-Stay Chic,

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