#OOTD Beach Day

Hey fashionistas! For today’s post I wanted to do an Outfit of The Day because I haven’t done a #OOTD in a while! Today, I went to the beach with two of my best friends and I wanted to share the outfit I wore to the beach. I really love going to the beach and sharing my outfit whether it be on my corner of the internet or even with friend and family because perfect beach outfits are hard to find. 
No one wants to sweat a ton on the beach, no one wants something too restricting because trying to get a tight dress or shirt on over a wet bathing suit is hard, and also no one wants something uncomfortable especially if there is sand in places where sand shouldn’t be or if you have a sunburn. Which is why if I find the perfect medium for a beach outfit then I’m totally going to share it. 
For this beach day I wore a full bathing suit that I had gotten from Target in a rust color. My favorite thing about this bathing suit is the knotted front, it really adds that needed spice to the suit. I also am in love with the rust color of the suit. The thing I paired this bathing suit with is a pair of high-waisted medium wash denim shorts. Now, with the denim shorts, the bathing suit looks more like a bodysuit and you have the perfect transition outfit from the beach to going out and shopping or going for a stroll on the boardwalk!
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-Stay Chic,

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