The Best Last Minute Fathers Day Gifts

Hey y’all! I had done one of these posts for Mother’s Day and I wanted to do another for Fathers Day to help out my fellow procrastinators (I’m kidding, I’m kidding)! Like I said in the post for Mother’s Day, sometimes life gets in the way and we forget or don’t have time to get something for Mother’s Day or Fathers Day.

I think it’s important to have some last minute gift ideas especially for those of us that are waiting until today to grab the gift. There’s no better minute than last minute, right?! So let’s stop jibber jabbering and get to the last minute gifts (we don’t have that much time):

• DIY Keychain of a picture of you both- At Michaels they have small frame charms that can easily be turned into a keychain!

• A DIY wood burned hammer- If you have or are willing to purchase a wood burner, go grab a hammer and write your Dad a cute message on a handyman tool!

• Make him his favorite meal or bake him his favorite dessert- This is a great small gesture that you can use as a gift.

• Get him a Groupon to do something together at a future date- There’s nothing like a gift that creates memories.

• Pick up some comfy slippers and fill them with his favorite candies and snacks- JCPennys, Marshall’s And Boscovs usually have some good slippers for an affordable price.

• DIY photo block- Grab a wooden block from Michaels or your local craft store, measure the side of the squares, print out pictures to fit around the whole block at home, then mod podge it!

• A new shirt/shoes/socks/etc- Some men are simple and might just be okay with a new shirt or some new sneakers.

• Buy him something for his hobby- if your father is like mine he has a few hobbies and what better way to get an idea for a quick gift than what he likes to do with his spare time. For example: My dad loves cars, so I’ll run to the store and grab him some car wash and wax and maybe pair it with a trip to a local car show.

• Grab him his favorite beer/whiskey/wine etc.- If your dad likes beer or a specific alcohol then get it for him. For example: Ryan’s dad likes to drink wine and smoke cigars so I made him a huge basket with two wines, cheese to pair it with, some nice wine glasses and a few cigars.

• DIY Mug- A mug is always a good go-to and all you need to personalize a ceramic mug is a sharpie paint marker and an oven!

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– Stay Chic,

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