Night Out Outfit and Makeup Look

Hey beauties! I recently went out to a club with a couple of my friends and Ryan and I was so in love with my outfit and makeup that I just HAD to share it with y’a;ll! I wish I actually took better pictures of my makeup because I loved it THAT MUCH, but sadly we were in a rush to leave so I don’t have pictures showing my makeup in bright lights but I do have selfies and pictures from that night to give y’all an idea of what my makeup looked like!

For my outfit I actually ended up dragging Ryan with me to my go-to quick shopping store, Forever 21. Usually Ryan hates shopping with me because it’s basically a 5-hour event but he managed because I wanted to pick up an outfit really quick. I ended up finding an outfit that costed me no more than $17 which was such a deal! I got a bright coral/orange skirt with a silver zipper and a paired that skirt with a black sheer low plunging v-neck bodysuit and a pair of black sandal heels.

The outfit was definitely minimalistic, so I had to do something extravagant with my makeup. I started off with doing some bright coral/orange eyeshadow to match my skirt, but the look needed something. SO, I ended up blending the shadow to the inner corner of my eye and adding some vibrant teal glitter shadow in the middle of my lid for a spotlight eyeshadow look. I was obsessed with it and I added a black winged liner and some Lily Lashes to top the whole look off.

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-Stay Chic,

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