Client’s Wedding Makeup

Hi beauties! I wanted to share a little info with y’all. I have been doing makeup freelancing for a while now but I hadn’t done much since I started my blog because I have been so busy with school, blogging and now work. But I recently was hired to do wedding makeup for the Groom’s Mother! I am going to talk a little about the experience I have with freelance makeup and my experience being a makeup artist for a Bride and the Groom’s Mother as well as being part of weddings in terms of the time crunch.
For freelance makeup I have had a pretty good portfolio under my belt and I never really got a chance to talk about it. I started with doing makeup for friends and then I was actually hired by my sister to do her wedding makeup which she loved. I also did wedding makeup for three guests of different weddings and now I have done makeup for the Groom’s Mother. Other than that I have done makeup for first dates, Halloween and more!
Being a makeup artist for a wedding sounds extremely stressful especially because the day of the wedding has to be PERFECT and if it isn’t, it’s your head. Well, I have had a completely different experience and if you are looking to do makeup for weddings or other events just be sure to have one or two makeup trials a month before the event and then a week before the event. Make sure during the whole process you communicate with the person and the best thing to do is to do their makeup in front of a mirror or have a handheld mirror for your client to use at their disposal. This allows them to see the makeup process each step of the way and if they don’t like something they can communicate it. Doing makeup for the Bride and Mother of the Groom is only stressful because of the time crunch you are under but as long as you are conscious of the time you have left while doing their makeup and give yourself at least an extra 45 minutes time when they book your services (just in case there are unforeseen problems) you should be fine!
Here is my clients makeup before and after photos:

She was so happy with the job that I did and she looked absolutely gorgeous! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for emails to be notified when I post new content and make sure to comment down below any wedding makeup questions you have!
-Stay Chic,

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