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Date Night: Bringing Our Niece To The Boardwalk

Hey everyone! I wanted to share a date night idea that Ryan and I tested out recently. We had brought our niece to the boardwalk with us and we actually had a ton of fun! I know little kids aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I seriously recommend trying it before you say it isn’t for you. We have tried a lot of date nights and this is by far the best.
We first picked up my niece from my sisters house which isn’t too far from where I live, and then we drove her over to the boardwalk.

The first thing we did was bring her to get food because we knew that she didn’t eat dinner yet. We got her some chicken tenders and I gave her a baby food pouch to hold her over and also make sure she got vegetables and fruits in her diet.

We then took her in the carriage and walked her around the boardwalk and then put her on some of the baby rides on the boardwalk. It was so exciting for us because we got to see how happy she was riding the rides. Then of course we brought her to have some ice cream because what is a day on a boardwalk without some ice cream? Ryan and I had a blast with our niece and I really recommend bringing the kids in your family (with the parents permission of course) out for a day at the boardwalk, park or even a relaxing day at a splash park. It may be taxing to do but I promise you it’s all worth it when the child talks about it to you and when they’re having fun!
Ryan and I feel like this whole experience has made us closer not only with each other but with our niece. It is amazing that this will be something that she remembers doing with both Ryan and I. I hope that you enjoyed this post and try this date idea and remember to subscribe for emails to be notified when I post new content. Comment down below somewhere fun you remember your aunt and uncle or older family member bringing you as a child, for me I remember my Aunt letting me stay at her house for a few weeks in the summer and bringing me to my cousin’s basketball games!
-Stay Chic,

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