Forever 21 Purchase Haul

Hey fashionistas! I have a really trendy $200 Forever 21 purchase haul for y’all today! I am super addicted to shopping at Forever 21 and it’s probably because the fashion is so affordable, and the quality is very good for the price. They also have tons of coupons, sales and deals all the time and usually it’s hard to pass that up especially when you’re always looking for new items to add to your wardrobe like me!

Recently I realized that I need a revamp of my closet because I got into that rut of wearing the same outfits over and over again. This gets me very frustrated and that’s when I know that my style is changing, and I need to shop for things that align with my evolving style. So, of course I hit the town and went shopping at Forever 21 to start because I wanted a revamp, but I didn’t want to spend everything I had. With all my shopping I was able to find some super cute items that I just have to share!

The first thing that I got was a tan cropped button-down long sleeve shirt that would be prefect for spring and fall, a blue off-the-shoulder flower embroidered top and a rust colored terry cloth cropped sweater that would be perfect for a cozy fall outfit. I then got a super cute summery pink ruffle tank top, a camel colored boxy button-down tee, and a plunging twist-front cream long sleeve top which would be perfect for the springtime and autumn and could be paired with super cute bralettes.

Additionally, I got a beautiful ombre dress that I hope to wear this summer, a green jean jumpsuit that I plan on wearing this coming fall, and I also got some super cute hair tie scarves, a pair of tortoise shell patterned earrings and matching cat-eye sunglasses.

Then I had to get this green comfy long sleeve t-shirt and my favorite purchase out of the whole shopping spree was this super cute denim overall dress. Another item I loved was this very soft cream poncho and I plan on pairing that with these super cute orange striped pants!

Lastly, I, of course, got an outfit for my new job when I picked out this cream and black longline collared duster. I plan on wearing this with a pair of black work pants, a white top and pairing it with these super cute pointed toe burgundy mules. I absolutely love them and the bow on the mules us what truly drew me to them. Overall, I am extremely happy with everything that I got. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for emails to be notified when I post new content. Make sure you comment down below what your favorite piece was from this haul!

-Stay Chic,

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