Ryan and I Upcycle: Little Tikes Playhouse

Hey everyone! Ryan and I are at it again with upcycling everything we can possibly find that we deem worth saving and re-doing. We usually get most of the things we upcycle on the side of the road for free or we find things at antique stores, thrift stores, goodwill/ habitat for humanity stores and garage sales. We love finding cheap stuff and turning it from drab to fab and I especially love to share how we do it with y’all so you can do it too!

This time around we were driving around my neighborhood and we found a Little Tikes Playhouse that was pretty dirty. We have nieces and nephews, so we figured why not clean it up and use it. Well, we power washed the playhouse and it looked almost brand new aside from the sun fading the colors. Ryan and I know that sometimes thing just need a little TLC and updating that will make it look just fine and more in-style!

What we did was run to our local store and we purchased Krylon Fusion spray paint that is made specifically for plastic. We made sure the playhouse was dry and then started spraying. We chose to do the roof in black, the door in white and the shudders in teal but we decided to leave the sun faded yellow because it would take A LOT of spray paint to do all of those walls and it looked perfectly fine without it.

The before and after pictures are uncanny and we are so happy with how it came out. Our nieces and nephews also love it and that’s what truly matters! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for emails to be notified when I post new content. Make sure you comment down below what you think about the final product!

-Stay Chic,

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