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Date Night in NYC

Hey y’all I wanted to share a date night that I recently had because it all felt so magical. Ryan truly know the way to my heart. For my graduation he gifted me azaleas to plant in my yard and if you have been following me for a while you know I love gardening. He also gifted me KitKats (my favorite candy) and then he got me a Disney congratulations card. But that’s not all, Ryan got me Broadway tickets to see Pretty Woman. He is the literal best!

Our date night was so incredible, and he knows that I love New York City more than anything. I have a deep-rooted connection to New York because I was born there and my whole family is from New York. I go to Manhattan any chance that I get because although I cannot live there, a piece of my heart does.

We decided to go to Shake Shack for food because it’s a ritual that I go there and get a burger. It’s literally the only burger that I will eat. Then we went to the Broadway show Pretty Woman which was so wonderful and to make it even better the actress who played Eponine in Les Miserables the movie was the main character! I was so happy and we both had a great time! I definitely suggest going to NYC and seeing a Broadway show for a date night if you want to do something different or take a trip! I’ve seen over 15 Broadway shows and I’ve loved them all!

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-Stay Chic,

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