Nordstrom Rack Purchase Haul

There’s something about me and doing haul posts. I don’t know what it is but I just love sharing the things I got. This was relevant for me from such a young age of 11. I used to pretend I had a talk show and I showed the audience all that I got from the store. Now I have a blog and I made 11 year old Stephanie’s dream a reality. Anyway, I wanted to share a haul from Nordstrom Rack because Nordstrom/ Nordstrom Rack is not only one of my favorite stores but I got a really cute item and it comes with a story!

Ryan and I recently went on a date night to go to Atlantic City, New Jersey and we are absolutely obsessed with the energy of AC. We also really enjoy the casinos, clubs/bars and Carmines although we aren’t gamblers it is a very fun environment. As we were waiting for our name to be called for our Carmines reservation, a group of women were taking pictures near this big fountain. I realized it was a bachelorette party so I didn’t want to bother them but I was immediately in love with one of the bridesmaid’s necklace. It was a gold necklace with a really big capital letter that was on it’s side. I was obsessed and as they were walking passed I complimented the girl on her necklace and she tols me she purchased it from Anthropologie.

Anyone who knows fashion knows that Anthropologie always has the cutest items but the prices are pretty high. I automatically knew I wasn’t about to spend a lot on that necklace so I forgot about it. Well, one night I was online shopping (as always, lol) and I decided to see how much the necklace was and I found that it costed $38. It wasn’t as bad as I expected but it was still steep for me  to just forget about it. But as I was on Google a related item came up from Nordstrom Rack.

I was so excited because they had a necklace that was almost the same as the Anthropologie one but for $19 which was in my price range. I jumped at the opportunity and got the necklace. It was from the brand Savvy Cie and it is a 14K Gold Plated necklace that was originally $75. Which is a steal!

I am obsessed with this accessory because it is a big block monogram but, in a way, it is so sleek it almost has a dainty feel and look to it. It truly isn’t gaudy or extra and personally I feel like it gives the right outfit the extra oomph it needs. You can get the same accessory here Nordstom Rack Savvy Cie 14K Gold Plated XL Initial Necklace !

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-Stay Chic,

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