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Dollar Tree Silisponge Review And Face Off

Hey beauties! I found a really interesting brand from the Dollar Tree the other day. I wanted to try something from the brand that didn’t involve makeup so I chose the silisponges they have! In this post I will be testing the quality and outcome of my foundation with the silisponge from the Dollar Tree and the silisponge from Milk Makeup.

Dollar Tree Silisponge

For each sponge I am using my FIT Me liquid foundation from Maybelline. The Dollar Tree Silisponge right off the bat seems a lot thicker but the edges are very harsh and the “skin” on the silisponge is not on there very tight. As I applied the makeup it seemed pretty easy to move the makeup around but it was very hard to blend. I already know that silisponges are hard to blend in general. But each time I tried to blend out a hard to reach area (bridge of my nose) the sponge would wrinkle and make the uneven foundation worse. It’s important to mention that the makeup that was rubbed on there permanently stained the “skin” of the silisponge. I tried all different soaps, even Dawn wouldn’t get it off.

Milk Makeup Silisponge

The Milk Makeup is $14 in comparison to the only $1 Dollar Tree silisponge but I can tell that whatever this one is made of, the “skin” is tighter and the edges are a little smoother. When applying the makeup it was easier to blend due to the firmness of the silisponge and it is smaller so it can get in those hard to reach places. But overall silisponges are not easy to use to blend makeup out so I don’t like them in general.

For the silisponge face off I think Milk Makeup wins because it did have a better and more pleasant performance. Plus, they get brownie points for the cute design of theirs with the sparkles. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below what you prefer to use to blend out your makeup.

-Stay Chic,

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