Francesca’s Purchase Haul

Hey fashionistas! I see you’re here to drop in for your daily dose of Not Too Shabby Chic Fashion. Well, I got a pretty cool haul for y’all today from Francesca’s. Let me tell you, that’s the one store I swear I never go in to buy actually anything in particular but I end up walking out with a million things… especially stuff from their little knickknacks area.

They really know how to draw me in at that store. I think they must set up the store in a way that just leads you to every nook and cranny in that store that is decorated so cute with all of their products. Then somehow you blackout and wake up with your debit card in the chip reader.

Regardless of their shamelessly amazing marketing that always seems to get me sucked in, I always end up with some super cute items from Francesca’s. Included in those super cute items are these two trendy pieces I found while I was blacked out browsing:

I found a super cute camel colored leather bag with a faux suede tassel and a tortoise shell patterned handle. I love how retro and boho the bag looks. It also came with a longer leather shoulder strap! I then got some super cute distressed black mom jeans that are high waisted and ankle cropped. I was looking for pants like this all over and I finally found them at Francesca’s. What’s great for me is that Harper jeans (the jean brand at Francesca’s) fits me very well.

I truly loved my purchase. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below which piece out of this Haul is your favorite!

-Stay Chic,

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