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How To: Busy Day Hairstyle and More

Hey beauties! I wanted to share a little post about my busy day and the hairstyle I chose to go with as well as how to style your hair the same way. Everyone has had that busy day where it seems like you can’t even spend time on getting yourself ready for the day. This type of day constitutes for a ponytail, leggings and some of your favorite comfy shoes. Right? Well I wanted to show you that it is so possible to look chic without the crazy amount of time it takes to get ready.

Today, I had been so busy running errands and I ended up realizing as I was about to throw on this hair up in a small ponytail (because my hair is short) I was meeting up with friends for a lunch date. Once I remembered, I realized I couldn’t walk in looking like I just got off my couch after binging all 8 seasons of Game of Thrones. As a result, I decided to try a wrap knot on the top of my head which is basically my version of the top knot and do some light makeup which all-in-all took me 10 minutes.

How to style your hair this way:

Step 1: Gather your hair like you would a ponytail

Step 2: Put your hair in a ponytail with a clear or hair colored hair tie

Step 3: With another clear or hair colored hair tie around your wrist, put your index finger on top of the ponytail and wrap your hair around your finger and the hair tie that is holding your ponytail

Step 4: After wrapping your hair in a bun like shape, pull your finger out but hold the hair in place with your hand

Step 5: Maneuver pieces to the top of the bun and then wrap the bun in a hair tie

Once you get used to the motions of this hairstyle it will be easier and faster as you continue to do it and practice. So now that you have the hair down pat, what about the makeup? I did a fast makeup look by using just 5 products. I put on some BB cream because it doesn’t need to be seamless when applying quickly, after I used the Fenty Beauty contour sticks and only used the concealer and cream contour sticks to contour my face. Then I used the highlighter stick for my eyelids and my highlight. I set the look with a finishing powder and threw on some mascara.

For my outfit I still wanted to look on-fleek but without the effort. I chose a comfy casual sweater, my favorite pair of mom jeans because they are soft and loose fitting and then I threw on a pair of fashion sneakers. I use this whole look when I know I have a busy day ahead of me. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for emails to get notified when I post new content. Make sure to comment down below what you like to do for a busy day!

-Stay Chic,

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