Bath and Body Works Haul

Hey beauties! Today I wanted to talk about a small little shopping venture that I took and basically paid nothing for. Did I mean to say I paid nothing? Yes, I (basically) paid nothing for my small shopping spree. I went to Bath and Body Works and I feel like candles as well as bath and body products are everyone’s secret weakness. When Ryan and I were in college together, we would no joke spend at least 2 hours in our local Bath and Body Works just smelling candles if I had to pick something up.

Well, I got a promotional coupon in the mail because I obviously signed up for mail-in coupons. With the coupon I found that I got a free item voucher that was good for items up to $14.95! Once I got that in the mail I ran to the store and used it! I couldn’t let a free item go to waste.

So, with my free item voucher I got this amazing body lotion from the Bath and Body Works’ Aromatherapy line which has natural essential oils in it. I chose the Stress Relief scent of Sage and Cedarwood. I absolutely love this scent and it really is stress relieving. I also am obsessed with the vintage look of the glass bottle it comes in. The reason I kept saying (basically) paid nothing is because I did pick up some hand sanitizer for my purse while I was there which only costed me $3 in the scent Apricot and Apple.

I loved my free item and I definitely suggest signing up for their mail-in coupons from Bath and Body Works because who knows, maybe you’ll get a free item too! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for emails so you can get notified when I post new content! Comment down below your favorite Bath and Body Works product!

-Stay Chic,

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