Outfit of The Day 12

Hey fahsionistas! I am at the chiropractor today because I have been having some serious neck and back problems. Luckily, I have an amazing chiropractor that’s helping me get better. When you go to the chiropractor you have to dress accordingly so the doctor can do their job. In a way, that limits the number of outfits you can wear when you are running errands, when you have to go somewhere after your appointment etc. So, I wanted to throw up a quick post on the outfit that I wore today because I am really feeling this outfit and I usually am not the “sporty dressing” type but I must wear it for my chiro appointment.

Today I was really in love with my outfit that I wore to the chiropractor’s office because it was just the right balance between a cute errand outfit but also something sporty I can wear as I go to the doctor’s office and go to the gym afterwards. The outfit is also perfect for the chiropractor to be able to easily do their job and wouldn’t have to work around difficult clothing that’s in the way.

I wore some super cute blue exercise leggings I got as a gift for Christmas, I wore a white tank top with a light blue Adidas sweatshirt and then I wore a pair of heather white Adidas sneakers. I am super in love with this outfit today and I’m almost feeling like Sporty Spice with this getup on. Which, of course, I am totally here for. I might try to wear outfits like this more often now that I know how much I liked this outfit!

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-Stay Chic,

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