Life Update: College Graduation Re-Cap

Hi everyone! I wanted to do a small re-cap of my graduation that was held yesterday. Yesterday a college student, today a college graduate who is ready to take on the real world. Honestly, my graduation was a bit of a dream if I can explain the feeling of it. The day started off with me getting ready for my graduation. As simple as that sounds it was actually a really difficult thing to do because I kept tearing up while picking out my outfit and doing my makeup. I was mostly nervous about closing this chapter in my life because I didn’t know what the next chapter held.

I got to the concert hall that my graduation was being held at and my parents, Ryan and I waited in line to enter. I was ushered to take pictures for the school website and of course I did and then I was ushered to go into the entrance for graduates only. I said goodbye to my parents and I met up with my sorority sisters and friends. We all anxiously waited for us to walk and finally after a long 2 hours we lined up.

The walk to the entrance of the concert hall seemed to go on forever and in all honesty I was surprised that the only feeling I had was nervousness. I thought I would be more emotional about graduating college, especially after going through what felt like hell and back to get to that point. But then, just as the opening to the concert hall came into view and I heard the graduation music the tears started to well up. A huge wave of emotion came over me and in a way it felt like I was playing over the most memorable parts of college in my head. I was teared up for the whole graduation but was able to calm down when it came to walking across the stage. I hugged all of my professors as I walked back to my seat and I started to cry. It was finally happening and I wasn’t even sure if I wanted it to happen anymore. In that moment I wanted to rewind and relive everything.

After my graduation I was so happy, I hugged my college friends and ran to take pictures with my sorority sister and my family. My family took me out to dinner for my graduation in the small town right near my college that I would visit very often. So, it was almost like it all came full circle and it was truly a perfect end to an amazing and forever memorable day.

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-Stay Chic,

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