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My Graduation Pictures

Hi everyone, I finally got my proofs in from my graduation pictures and sadly I am not buying them but I wanted to share the pictures with you! I am so excited to graduate from college in the next two days and I also wanted to share my gown as I am setting it up. I sadly wont be purchasing my photos because I actually didn’t like how they came out.

Lucky for me, it rained every time I re-took my graduation pictures (yes I’m being sarcastic and yes I took them multiple times). It was just not meant to be and all of the re-takes looked just as bad. I found one photo that I actually do semi-like even though my hair’s curls had basically fallen out due to the humidity and rain.

When I saw this picture I actually was really happy I had at least one I was happy to pick for the yearbook. I even cried when I got it over email because I am just so proud of all that I have accomplished and out of all the cards that were against me I was still successful. For my casual outfit in my graduation pictures I wore a tan lightweight sweater, some dark jeans and a pair of faux leather flats. For my professional graduation picture I wore the same outfit but added a bright red blazer to my outfit. The picture I like the most is my cap and gown outfit:

I feel so official in this photo and it really stuck out to me because it makes everything so much more real. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and remember to subscribe to get notifications for when I post new content. Make sure to comment down below what you wore in your graduation photos!

-Stay Chic,


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