Got My Hair Done: New Cut, Brighter Color

Hey beauties! I am wishing you all a happy Wednesday. I wanted to share some fun and exciting news and show you my new hairstyle. I went to the salon and decided I didn’t want a drastic change but I wanted something fresh and a little different. I also have a serious obsession with going lighter every time I go back to the salon.

Let’s start off with talking about my hair before we get into the exciting news. My hair definitely needed to be redone, I was seriously overdue for a cut and color. Well, like I stated previously, I have been super obsessed with Marvel hero movies. I got some hair inspiration from the famous Black Widow character played by Scarlett Johansson. In Winter Soldier and in Infinity War, Scarlett Jo had a beautiful super bleached bob that I was obsessed with. I decided to show my hairdresser and told her that hair is exactly what I want.

With that being said this is the end result! I think my hair looks absolutely stunning and I am in love. The hair definitely looks amazing against my skin tone and brightens up my look a little more. I also can’t help but feel like Black Widow with this haircut and color. Halloween outfit idea? Possible. I’m overly obsessed with it. Now let’s get to the exciting news, not only am I graduating college in a couple of days but I am also starting my own freelancing makeup side business. I’ve done freelancing makeup before but I really wanted to start expanding my horizons with doing makeup.

Im super excited to start this new adventure and to take you all along with me. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below what you think about my new hair! Also, I want to give a shoutout to my hairdresser Diana! You’re the best, thank you for always keeping me fabulous!

-Stay Chic,

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