Avengers: Infinity Series Review

Hey everyone! So let me seriously warn you now THERE ARE TONS OF SPOILERS IN THIS POST SO IF YOU AREN’T CAUGHT UP ON AVENGERS THEN PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. With this being said in February/March I told Ryan that I was never really into super hero movies but in reality I just never gave them a chance. Ryan told me that I would really love them so he ended up making me watch every single Avengers/Iron Man/ Thor etc. in order. We watched them ALL within two months. I am now a die hard Marvel fan. I even saw Captain Marvel and End Game in theaters when they came out.


I wanted to review these movies separately but I figured that since a lot of them were from 2009 and on it would be pointless. So I am reviewing the whole entire Infinity Series. I’m not going to go in depth with every single movie but all I will say is that every movie was amazing and I recommend watching these movies in order because it really puts everything into perspective.

I will be going a little bit in depth about End Game specifically. I’ve actually been in a sort of depressed state because my favorite character Tony Stark dies in the movie. He saves the rest of the world by getting the Infinity gauntlet and snaps his fingers. The power is too much and it kills him. Before he snapped his fingers his last words were his iconic statement “I am Iron Man”. I was so saddened by Tony Stark dying in this movie because the Avengers or any Marvel movie for that matter won’t be the same without his character, Captain America, Thor and Black Widow.

I think End Game did a great job tying everything together by the end of the series. They even had a lot of references to the old movies. Like the reference of Toni Stark liking cheeseburgers from the first movie resurfaced when his daughter said that she wanted a cheeseburger. Overall the movie was amazing but I am mostly upset about who died in the movie.

-Stay Chic,

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