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Influenster VoxBox: Degree Deodorant

Hey everyone! Today’s post is going to be one of my favorite posts that I do on my blog. Why? Because this post has to do with reviewing free products and free is for me. If you want to learn more about how I get these free products then read on. But if you already know how Influenster works then feel free to scroll down after the explanation of Influenster because I will also be reviewing the products I got.

So let’s get into it!!

What is Influenster?

Influenster is a completely free app that is available on Android and Apple phones/tablets. This company gives you free products from thousands of brands, even well known brands that you’ve more than likely heard of or seen before. Did I say completely free? Yes. The app is completely free. Just download it, sign up and get started.

How do I get free products after signing up?

Well it’s easy but also complicated. Let me explain– on this app you can make yourself more eligible to get free products by searching and reviewing products you’ve purchased, answer and ask questions, and you complete snaps. Snaps are sets of reviews that are directed towards you to help you review products you may have had experience with.

What else is a factor of getting free products?

Well a huge factor is your impact score. With Influenster, you connect all of your social media accounts. Influenster then gives you an overall impact score. This impact score is compiled of all the people that you are friends with as well as how many people follow you on social media. The higher the impact score, the higher chance you have of getting free products also known as VoxBoxes.

Another factor is your badges. The more you review specific genres of products, you gain badges for those genres. The more genres you’ve unlocked boost your chances of getting chosen for a VoxBox. The higher level badges should be things you actually like because that will help determine what kinds of VoxBoxes you will receive.

Are there any other badges I can get?

Yes! Sometimes Influenster will run campaigns where you can receive a badge just for editing and uploading picture to your profile using their photo editor in the app or just for making a list, or reviewing a product. If you look at the picture above the badges “#HalloWin”, “#InfluensterEats”, and “#GiftCrush” were all campaigns they ran where I only had to review a product or upload a selfie. There are also VirtualVoxes, Virtual Badges or Virtual Challenges. These are also campaigns ran by Influenster where you can get a badge without receiving a VoxBox. The Virtual badges usually involve you uploading a picture using specific hashtags on your social media accounts, and sometimes it goes as far as taking a photo or testing/buying a product at a store and testing it out. Gaining these badges boosts your possibility of getting a VoxBox.

What happens when I get a VoxBox?

When you get a VoxBox you will check in your VoxBox and then you will complete mandatory activities that include but not limited to following companies on social media, posting photos on your social media accounts and reviewing the products. Once you complete all of the activities then you unlock the badge. It’s not over yet, make sure when you sign up for Influenster you use an email that you have easy access to. I say this because Influenster sends you mandatory time sensitive surveys you have to take through your email.

Now for the product review…

Influenster sent me a VoxBox for Degree Deodorant Wipes. I was super excited about getting this VoxBox because it was the first ever box I got that I was instructed to share with someone else. That was super cool to me and I really loved that aspect of this VoxBox. I got wipes for myself and for my boyfriend Ryan. We both tested this product out so I will let you all know both of our reviews.

In this VoxBox I got a men’s deodorant wipes package and a women’s deodorant wipes package. The women’s deodorant wipes in the scent Citrus and Bergamot which smelled nice and citrus-y. I felt that these wipes were just as good as any stick or roll on deodorant. The only thing I noticed was that the scent didn’t last too long. Ryan tested out the men’s deodorant wipes in the scent Cool Rush. Him and I loved the smell of his wipes and this is what he said about them: “The wipes are really great. I don’t use them for my main deodorant because I don’t think it’s as strong as a stick deodorant. I’m a guy, so I need something that will last all day and the scent goes away after 5-10 minutes. Otherwise, I like to use these wipes to freshen up. It’s great when you’re working all day and you can just wipe down with them.” Overall, we liked these wipes and I want to thank Influenster and Degree for sending me this complimentary VoxBox in exchange for my reviews.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you are interested in signing up for Influenster feel free to use my referral link: Join Influenster Now. Make sure to leave a comment down below what your thoughts are on these wipes and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content.

-Stay Chic,

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