Happy Easter: 2019

Hey everyone! Happy Easter and for those who do not celebrate Easter– Happy Passover/ Happy Holidays! I hope your holiday season is perfect and you are enjoying your day with your family and friends. Since Easter is one of my favorite holidays, I wanted to share my day with you all and what I usually do on Easter each year.

Good Friday:

This day I usually commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ by going to service at my local church. This year Ryan and I also went to my cousins house so I could get eyelash extensions (a post is coming soon– I promise)! Then we went to the mall to see our niece get her Easter bunny pictures taken. She looked absolutely precious. Afterwards, we went back to my cousins house to have some wine and play the escape room game on their Amazon Alexa.

The Day Before Easter:

The day before Easter, I usually visit Ryan’s Grandma with his sister and her boyfriend. We take her to breakfast and enjoy our time together. This year we went for breakfast at a small diner near us. Afterwards, Ryan and I spent the whole day upcycling some furniture (there will definitely be blog posts about the soon)! We then ended our day with a movie night and I finally caught up in watching all Marvel movies. It might be hard to believe but I only saw a handful of Marvel movies and recently Ryan and I watched all the Marvel movies in order so I can see Avengers: End Game. I will also be writing posts on these movies and how I feel about them! I’m also really interested in getting my hair done almost like how Black Widow has it in Avengers: Infinity War but maybe not as short although I love the color!

Easter Sunday:

The morning of Easter I usually go to early mass at 7AM and then meet up with Ryan’s mother with Ryan, his sister and her boyfriend for breakfast. We then meet my family for lunch around 12PM. Afterwards, we all meet at my house to have an Easter egg hunt with my niece and open Easter baskets. Then later on some more family stop by my house and we have dinner and dessert together. This year we went to a cute breakfast place to meet Ryan’s family and I had the best omelet of my life (lol)! We then went to meet my family for lunch at an Italian Restaurant and after we had a ton of fun doing an Easter egg hunt with our niece. We also watched our niece open our Easter basket to her and she had the cutest reactions.

I hope you all have an amazing holiday and please let me know down below what your traditions are in the comments down below. Remember to subscribe for email notifications to be notified when I post new content.

-Stay Chic,

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