Dollar Tree Interesting Finds

Hey everyone I wanted to pop in and talk about some really awesome and interesting finds from the Dollar Tree. As you may know, I am an avid Dollar Store shopper. I love things at discount and I also love throwing parties for a low cost! The Dollar Tree definitely has some amazing stuff, sometimes all you have to do is a little digging.

One interesting find was a marble design candle as well as a karma candle with cute typography on it! These would be very cute to decorate your house or room with. The marble definitely brings a chic minimalist look to a table. I would be surprised if anyone actually realized that you actually paid $1!

One thing I found to be super interesting but also amazing is that the Dollar Tree was carrying silicone sponges. I purchased my off-brand sponge from Amazon for $5. Considering you can get a similar product for $1 is insane. The packaging is also gorgeous so this can be given as a gift and you don’t have to spend big for the item.

Something else I found was that my Dollar Tree was carrying Almay eyeshadow palettes. They also had all of the different palettes that Almay came out with that was specific for each eye color. I have never used Almay necessarily but I do know that this is a big drugstore brand that usually costs closer to $5 for each palette.

Nail polishes can be super expensive and sometimes it seems unnecessary to spend anywhere from $4-$20 on a single nail polish. I love buying nail polishes but I restrain myself from splurging on it 24/7. Oftentimes I find name brand nail polishes at the Dollar Tree. This is a steal considering how expensive it can get. I recently found Wet N Wild, Revlon and Kiss nail polishes.

Another item I was shocked to see in the Dollar Tree was Global Beauty makeup wipes. I have seen this brand mainly in stores like Marshall’s, Amazon, and TJ Maxx. Global Beauty makeup wipes normally cost almost $3 and for a double pack on Amazon it costs $11. To find a trusted and highly rated brand at the Dollar Tree was very neat.

I know how much kids nowadays are obsessed with Shopkins. I was going through the isles of my local Dollar Tree and I found Shopkins hand sanitizers. This would be a hit with this generations children. I know my niece would go crazy over it. Another cool aspect of this sanitizer is how it has a clip that comes with it. This can be clipped onto the child’s backpack. Overall, $1 is spent on something that may have costed $2-$3, especially if the sanitizer and sanitizer case was bought at Bath & Body Works.

I don’t recommend buying baby products at the Dollar Tree. Dollar stores are famous for selling items that might not have the safest chemicals or isn’t FDA approved. But there are some exceptions to this. At the Dollar Tree I found some very cute terry cloth hooded towels, bandana bibs (which are super big at the moment) and regular baby bibs. I also found waterproof baby bibs with the pocket to catch food (which are also super popular amongst moms and dads). Something else that I found that was not only cool but again, super popular amongst parents is the disposable placemats. These placemats cling to the table and are great for when you go out to eat.

Diverting from babies, I found some very cute packaged Softsoap hand soaps that smell amazing. These look like they were purchased for a lot more than $1! I definitely recommend purchasing soap for the dollar store (unless you have sensitive skin or other skin problems). I buy all of my hand soap, dish soaps and body soaps from here. I usually purchase only name brand items like Dial, Dove, Irish Spring, Softsoap, White Rain etc. It saves money and it does the job!

For hair I found that the Dollar Tree has scünci hair products in stock. I never go out and buy hair clips from the store unless they are on sale. I always come to the Dollar Tree because they are cheap. Scünci is a great reliable brand and won’t break as easily as the actual dollar store off brand. Some of the best clips, bobby-pins, hair ties and headbands I’ve purchased were from the Dollar Tree.

I live for Dollar Tree storage options because they always have some great stuff for the price. For example, my last visit I found that they had acrylic makeup/ beauty product holders. These types of organizers are usually very expensive and getting them at such a discount is a steal!

One of the best bangs for your buck at the Dollar Tree is not only cards (which are 2 for $1or $1 for multiple Thank You cards) but also gift bags and tissue paper. Gift bags are super expensive and run anywhere from $2-$10 a piece not including the $2-$10 tissue paper. I never purchase bags from anywhere but the Dollar Tree unless I find them on sale elsewhere. They usually have really chic options as well.

I was super excited to find jewelry dishes while I shopped around at the Dollar Tree. I really loved the cute glass jewelry boxes that were in the shapes of roses/succulents, so much so that I purchased a green succulent box for myself. I also loved the jewelry dishes with little sayings on them and the rind dishes with unicorns, mermaid tails, cacti, balloon animals and llamas. These are amazing gifts that look expensive but only cost $1.

As a child I needed a nightlight because I was afraid of the dark. I would have loved to have a Disney Princess or My Little Pony night light in my room. These are definitely a bang for your buck if your child is afraid of the dark. They have Disney Princess ones with Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Bell. They also have one with just Cinderella and Bell or Elsa and Ana. The My Little Ponies are also big right now as well which is also a great option. These nightlights can get expensive and I found one at Walmart for $10.99 and another at for $15.

Bolero is a great Dollar Store brand for what they sell. It has been reviewed by many influencers and you tubers– many love their products. Personally, I love their products and I think they work well especially for only paying $1. The brand has body lotion, moisturizing facial serum, hand creams, body-wash/ bubble bath, cleansing facial wipes, bath salts and hand wash. It comes in super cute packaging and you get a lot of product for only paying $1. My favorite thing from this line is the hand cream. It smells amazing, it’s in a super cute tin squeeze bottle and you get two tubes for $1. These tubes are the same size as the hand lotions at Bath and Body Works but you get more and Bolero is $1 for two where Bath and Body Works is $4 for one.

I found some super cute fridge magnets as well at the Dollar Tree. These would look super cute on anyone’s fridge and even spruce up a fridge that needs a little something. This item would even look cute in a gift basket. It is made of ceramic so it’s definitely not cheap looking and it doesn’t feel cheap. I would think this item was purchased at a Francesca’s.

I love giving mugs as gifts but I also enjoy sipping tea, coffee or wine from a cute mug/ wine glass. These items are so cute and they don’t look like they are from the dollar store. I think they work great in a gift basket or just a gift in general. Mugs like these are sold at stores like Target for $3 or even more. It’s definitely a steal.

Coasters from the Dollar Store are great and probably the best kind of coasters you’ll ever have. The coasters are made out of an absorbent tile with a cork on the bottom. This keeps the drink’s condensation from dripping all over the place or ruining the coaster (this happens to wooden coasters). Not to mention these same type of coasters are sold at Target for $2.99 (and the Target coasters are made cheaper than Dollar Store brand– trust me I’ve owned both. The Dollar Store brand is still in perfect condition and the Target brand cracked within 3 weeks of purchase). These coasters are amazing and look super cute as well.

Some great kitchen items are the ceramic plates and bowls that are sold at the Dollar Tree. I’ve purchased many of these plates for different dinner parties and many people believe I purchased them from Target or Marshall’s. My favorite dish that I just found is this teal one that has a swirly design. It seems like the perfect summer plate set for an outdoor party. I also thought that the sink strainer with the decorated ring was an interesting find!

For bedroom decor I found some small trinket pots and cute glass pineapple statues. I thought these were cute items that can decorate your home or bedroom. It could even be some nice small decor for an outdoor party. They are bright and colorful and can definitely bring in some color to a room.

The last couple of miscellaneous things I found were so cute I just had to share them. First, I found some super cute canvas makeup bags (which are in style right now), I also found some very chic floral notecards to add to a stationary set. Both items would be great gifts. I also found some super cute glittery luggage tags. Luggage tags are great gifts and even to have for yourself. Something else I loved was finding the super cute tissue packs and the mermaid makeup bags. Lastly, I found a fuzzy pen and a really cute canvas magnet as well. These items were unique and fun– great gifts for anyone.

These items from the Dollar Tree were all so cute and I wish I had a need for most of these items because they are too cute to pass up. I am so happy with what they had and I will always be an avid Dollar Tree shopper. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I create new content. Make sure you comment down below what your thoughts are on bargain shopping and let me know what your favorite bargain store is.

-Stay Chic,

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