Primark Haul

Hey fashionistas! I, of course, went on a huge shopping spree recently with one of my best friends and we ventured our way into Primark. I ended up spending more than I anticipated but I’m super happy with everything I got. Primark is such an amazing store because everything is super affordable.

I got a ton of stuff but I actually ended up purchasing about five pairs of shoes. The shoes were on sale from $5-$10 and I was in my heaven. I got so many cute pairs of shoes on top of some clothes that I decided to purchase. I asked a worker why the shoes were on sale for so cheap and she said it was because fall/winter is over so they are super discounted. So naturally I needed five pairs.

I got this really cute fedora straw hat because I needed a new beach hat. I only have the beach hat from Lulus and it’s basically falling apart so I got this one. I love the way it looks on me and I like that I can cover the scarf on the hat with another scarf to match my outfit.

Speaking of scarves, I also got this really cute yellow scarf. For some reason I’ve been super drawn to tassels lately as well as the color yellow (I think the spring-lover in me is coming out). But I couldn’t not have this cute piece in my wardrobe.

Next up, the five pairs of shoes I got! Of course as I was buying all of these shoes I asked myself “Do I seriously need these many shoes” to I replied “yes”. I got these seriously adorable black pairs. I’ve been searching for plain black booties but couldn’t find them anywhere and alas Primark had both them for $5 and $10. I also got a cute rust pair which is another color of boot that I was looking for. The next pair I got were these cheetah ones. I recently got cheetah boots from ASOS but then I realized after I got them in the mail, they were more of a yellow-ish cheetah and I really wanted a pair of brownish cheetah. Then lastly I got a pair of brown boots with super cute tassels on them.

The last thing I got from Primark is a cute pair of cream/tan linen shorts. I’ve been trying to buy more pairs of shorts because I barely have any. So I got a cute pair of shorts that would match everything I have.

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Comment down below what item you like the most out of everything I got!

-Stay Chic,

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