Best Spring Date Ideas

Hey everyone! I am super excited to share with you all some amazing spring date ideas that I’ve been coming up with recently. Going on dates is super important in a relationship which is why I love doing posts on it on my blog.

Sometimes being in a relationship for a long time makes it hard to come up with fresh date ideas. You’ve gone and done so much together that it feels like you have done it all. Repeating dates can get super boring for each person in the relationship! So of course I am here to help with a list of fresh date ideas to use for you and your significant other!

Here’s the Best Spring Date Ideas of 2019:

• Bike Ride in a new neighborhood

• Have a picnic in a park together

• Go to the farmers market and make dinner with the items you bought

• Do a backyard DIY together

• Buy some camping gear and camp in the backyard or go on a camping trip

• Watch movies on a makeshift projector screen outside

• Go on a fun scavenger hunt together

• Go on a double date with another couple you like to hangout with

• Do an at home wine/beer tasting event and invite friends

• Ride in some Go-carts and race each other

• Go to the library together and pick out books for each other to read

• Drive to go see the sunset at your favorite spot

• Go through old pictures with your families

• Do some gardening together and plant some veggies, fruits and flowers

• Go to a classic car show together

• Take a day trip and visit family from a different state/region

• (If you’re of age to drink) Go to the bar when they have a live music night/ a drink special — you can’t beat $1 margaritas

• Look up what’s going on in town, write all of the events on pieces of paper and toss them all around in a hat. Do a random drawing and go to the event you chose!

• Go to your local arcade and then go out for some pizza and ice cream afterwards

• Find a cause to volunteer for and do it together. There is nothing like giving back.

• Go to a lantern festival or order a lantern on Amazon/ online and release the lantern

• Lay under the stars and just talk about life as you stargaze

• Attend a local baseball game together and cheer on your favorite team! You can even make bets to each other on which team you think will win and the winner gets something of their choice!

• Wake up early on the weekend and find some cool stuff together at yard sales that are happening around you

• Visit a flower farm and take some really beautiful pictures together

I hope these date ideas help with figuring out what dates you wanna try and go on next. Make sure to comment down below what posts you’d like to see more of and subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content.

-Stay Chic,

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