How To Get Fit: With A Personal Trainer

We all know the deal when it comes to personal trainers. The first thing that comes to my mind is that it’s expensive to have one and second, celebrities use them to get fit. I always wondered the difference between having a personal trainer and not having one. So, I decided to ask my friend Alexa, owner of AME Fitness Training who is a certified personal trainer to answer some important questions about getting fit with a personal trainer.

How does personal training benefit people who want to get fit?

“A personal trainer provides the drive and knowledge that clients need to reach there goals.”

What ways can a personal trainer help you reach your goal?

“Depending on what you want to work on we use our extensive knowledge of the human body and exercise to fulfil any goal a client desires.”

What are some things that a personal trainer does to help their clients?

“We show our clients the proper technique they need in each excerise to get the most out of it and we motivate and hold them accountable.”

Describe the advantages of having a personal trainer versus not having one.

“The advantage of having a trainer is the ability to have a guide that can show the correct way to excerise and drive the clients to success even when they feel down. Our job is to get clients to there best not just physically but mentally. Another advantage would be having a person who answers can any questions about health and fitness day or night regardless if your in the gym or not. When a person doesnt have a personal trainer they could easily trail off from training and wont see results quickly and efficiently.”

Some think a personal trainer makes things easier— like how celebrities get fit easily because they have trainers. What do you think about that?

“Having a personal trainer doesnt make it easy to workout and train. We push you to your limits to get most out of you in each session. If the training is easy then were not doimg our jobs right.”

What advice do you give someone that might not be able to afford a personal trainer?

“Research as much as possible and then jump right into exercising! What I find most clients have trouble with is consistently going to the gym and starting. Just get up and go! After that, have a consistent schedule so it becomes a habit.”

Why are personal trainers important in the process of getting fit?

“Were important in the process of getting fit since we know how to push the human body without going to far and straining it. We want to see success and will push clients until they see results.”

And there you have it! These are some serious important reasons and answers regarding personal trainers. I can tell after this interview that having a personal trainer actually helps with keeping your workouts on track and help you to work out correctly and get the most out of your workout. Having a guide when it comes to anything is very helpful, so I feel that a having a personal trainer can only be beneficial.

If you want personal training advice and packages from my friend Alexa visit her Instagram page @amefitnesstraining

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-Stay Chic,

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