Charolette Russe Going Out Of Business Haul ($250 Haul)

Hey everyone! This is such a bittersweet haul because Charlotte Russe is going out business. I’m sad to say this because Charolette Russe was one of the stores I would go to as a preteen when I saved up my chore money and bought clothes. I’d like to believe this is the beginning of my love for fashion in a way. I’m really sad it’s going out of business but rumor has it they will be reopening a few stores but with a different owner.

So I spent about $250 altogether at their sudden going out of business sale. I won’t go through every single thing in detail because I purchased a lot. But I will highlight some of my favorite pieces I got from the sale. The first piece I am in absolute love with is the striped utility jumpsuit. I love the way it looks on and it has like a desert/Arizona sunset aesthetic to it. The next piece is another striped jumpsuit but with a tank top as the top half. This jumpsuit is super retro feeling especially with the circle belt it comes with. The cheetah print one piece is the next piece that comes to mind. I love this jumper because it’s so fun and can be dressed up or down.

I actually got two pieces of jewelry that I can’t seem to put down. I really love the white and brown tortoise earrings I got. They’re such big and beautiful statement pieces. I also got a gorgeous white dress that I would wear exclusively for going out to a fancy club or something similar. Something else that I got was a thin western brown belt. It was just so pretty and it caught my eye I had to have it, especially because western is super in this year! The next item would be the colorful striped sweatshirt which would be great for going out on a busy day. I really loved and cherish each of the items I got from Charlotte Russe and I cherish all the memories I have going to that store.

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure you comment down below what your favorite item is and if you went to the going out of business sale as well. I want to hear about what you got!

-Stay Chic,

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