Spring Cleaning Hacks

Hey beauties! I am currently in the process of cleaning out my closet and room for spring. I figured I would jump on here and talk about some really awesome spring cleaning hacks. These are hacks that I personally use and maybe hacks that you’ve heard of before.

Hack #1: Item for an item-

If you buy some stuff during these awesome spring sales that you might not have the room for, get rid of an item for each item you bring in. So if you purchase a cute new top, get rid of an old top that you can easily part with. This will help with shopping clutter!

Hack #2: Get rid of things you wouldn’t buy right now-

Look through your closet as if you were shopping at a store. If there are items in there that you wouldn’t see yourself purchasing right now– get rid of it! Odds are you won’t wear it if you wouldn’t buy it right now.

Hack #3: One year tops-

This might be one that you’ve heard of but before but it’s a good rule. If you haven’t worn the item for used it in over 1 year then get rid of it. The exception to that rule is if the item is designer or super expensive. For example, don’t give away your expensive prom dresses (unless you’re donating it to a high school or giving it to someone) but maybe try to sell them instead.

Hack #4: Raggedy items gotta go-

If you have items that are damaged, ripped, or just plain old and lost shape or color… throw it away/donate it (as long as it’s still wearable). Sometimes we hold onto our favorite t-shirts or jeans even though they’re in horrendous condition, but sometimes it’s good to let that stuff go. Out with the old and in with the new.

Hack #5: Decor clutter is never okay-

Sometimes I look at peoples rooms that are so heavily decorated that my head spins. If your room has a lot of decor and not a lot of room for it, try to part with some things. If you are super sentimental then put your extra decor into a box and put it in your attic or garage.

Hack #6: Kondomari-

Try to follow methods of kondomari and only keep items that spark joy for you. I’ve used this method and ended up giving away two garbage bags full of clothes. I think this method works and watching her Netflix series always gets me in the cleaning mood.

Hack #7: Expiration dates-

All too often I hear women complain that they have too much makeup, haircare products or nail polish. All of these things have a shelf life and it is important to get rid of things that have gone bad. Trust me, I’ve gone through the same thing and once I learned that makeup and haircare products go bad I was able to get rid of half of my items.

Hack #8: Shoes shouldn’t be falling apart-

It’s always good to have one pair of shoes to wear in the garden or while working. Keep in mind if your going out shoes are beat up and gross– it’s time to throw those things out. I have a few pairs of shoes that just reek and are severely damaged so I chose to let them go.

Hack #9: Try it on-

Trying on everything you own is unrealistic, yes but it puts things into perspective. I suggest trying on your clothes and seeing how they fit and how you feel in them. If you don’t feel like the gorgeous confident queen that you are– get rid of it.

Hack #10: Have a competition:

Whether if you bet yourself or your significant other how much you will get rid of, it makes it more fun. A lot of us don’t have a problem of parting with our things but starting to go through the clutter can be disheartening. Make it into a game or competition and it will make things so much easier!

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below what tips you use. Happy spring and happy cleaning :)!

-Stay Chic,

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