New Room Decoration: Bar Cart

Hey everyone! I wanted to drop in and talk about a new decoration I have for my room. As I was helping my friend find things for her new apartment I found a beautiful gold bar cart. I obviously don’t have a house or a lot of room so my friend told me I could store it in her apartment until I move and get a place of my own.

Well, it turns out that my friend wasn’t able to get her apartment and we had to empty her storage unit. I had to find a home for my bar cart. Considering bar carts cost a pretty penny and I purchased this one for only $15– I didn’t want to part with it. So what I did was rearrange my room (for like the eight time) and I put my bar cart in my room.

I actually really like the way it looks in my room and it’s going to be a nice piece to have when I finally get my own place. Something that is really nice about it is how the gold matches my furniture perfectly. I also re-did a lot more than this in my room but I’m waiting to show you all what it looks like because I want it to be done completely.

The bar cart is such a cute accent to my room and I’m going to be actively looking for more bar cart decor. But, for now this will do! Cheers to a chic new decor piece and to my lovely and inexpensive bar cart. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Comment down below if you want to see more posts like this.

-Stay Chic,

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