Wishing Ryan A Happy 21st Birthday

Hey everyone! Yesterday it was Ryan’s 21st birthday and I wanted to make a special blog post to celebrate him. Without Ryan I wouldn’t be where I am today– he is such an amazing guy and I’m so lucky to have him in my life. So without further ado, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!

For his 21st birthday we went to some bars and did a small bar crawl with his family. I am not necessarily a bar person but I did have fun nonetheless. I especially had fun because Ryan was having such a blast. Ryan said that he is definitely a bar person. For my outfit I wore a green long sleeve crop top, orange bell bottom pants, and a pair of converse.

Ryan’s 21st Birthday was a success and he had a blast. That’s all him and I could have asked for, a smooth sailing 21st. His birthday was actually on our towns St. Patrick’s Day Parade (which is taken pretty seriously in our town). I’m so happy that the birthday shenanigans is not over yet because I still have other plans for Ryan’s birthday week. If you want to see what I have planned visit my post Ryan’s Birthday Planning.

All day we were surrounded by family and friends. Ryan is super family oriented so having spent his birthday around family made him so happy. Ryan also said that he is happy that he can finally go out with me to bars and clubs. At the moment his choice drink is a Miller Lite beer. On another note, the drink he didn’t like the most was Jameson whiskey.

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-Stay Chic,

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