Latest Drugstore Makeup Purchases

Hey beauties! I recently stopped at my local drugstore and purchased some makeup that I wanted to test out. I had an itch to try some affordable products so I made a few purchases. I wanted to show you all what I picked up and my thoughts on each item I bought.

The first item I picked up was a concealer. I was going to just pick up my usually FIT me concealer but I knew I wanted to try something new. So, I grabbed Maybelline’s Age Rewind concealer and it works well. I’m not the biggest fan of how the product sits on dry skin but if it is used lightly it is a good concealer. I also feel that the sponge on top soaked up a lot of the product and a lot of what was in the component was lost in that sponge. It felt like the FIT me concealer lasts me a couple of months where this concealer lasted me not even one month of use. This concealer costed around $9.

The next item I picked up was the Maybelline eyebrow define full brow pencil. This is a product I’ve used before but I decided to go for another color. I stopped using this product because I felt that it was a tad bit waxy on my eyebrows after a while of using it. I either got a bad batch or they changed the formula but after buying a basically waste of money product that was too waxy I turned to ABH brow pencil. It was getting expensive as I do my eyebrows everyday and the product was quickly running out. I tried the Maybelline eyebrow define full brow pencil again and I had better luck this time. It isn’t too waxy and works as a good ABH eyebrow pencil dupe. This product was around $8.

The next item I got was the ELF Volume Plumping Black Mascara. This mascara was definitely not the best I’ve ever used as it did run on my makeup after wearing it all day. With that being said I did only spend $2 on it which was a good price for the product. It wasn’t flaky but it just ran on my makeup. I also have a 14 hour day that is nonstop. So, it could be possible that it isn’t the fault of the mascara but it could have been oily or sweaty skin.

The final product I purchased was the ELF Intense Ink Eyeliner. This eyeliner only cost me about $3 and it works so well. I actually loved using this but it isn’t for precise use. If you like a sharp wing you better move on. The chunky nature of the liner and the rougher felt pen makes it near impossible to make a sharp wing. I use this and KVD Tattoo Liner together; one to make the line on the lid and the other to make the wing.

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Make sure to comment down below what products you’ve tried recently and tell me how those products worked out for you in the long run.

-Stay Chic,

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