How I Make An Extra $300 A Month

Money problems seem like they never end and when you have them it’s extremely stressful. Making ends meet becomes hard at some points in our lives and decisions need to be made. We prioritize and stretch ourselves as well as each penny thinner and thinner. An extra $300 a month could make a huge difference when we are tight on money.

So how do I make $300+ a month? I have one simple answer and that is sell. Yes, I said sell. Meaning sell your things and other peoples items. I know it sounds weird but trust me it’s a great idea and it’s made me a little more than $300 a month so far. Let me explain how you sell your items.


This app allows you to list and sell your items for free to people local and nationally (as long as you choose the ship nationally option). You will list an item at a certain price and people will either purchase your item for the asked price or they will make and offer. Most times you have to meet up with these people but it’s worth it if you want to make money. If you are meeting with someone make sure you bring other people with you, meet in a public place and never give away personal information. You can also do porch pickup where you leave the item on your porch (if you are comfortable with sharing your address) and they put the money under your welcome mat.


Similar to OfferUp– this app you list your items and sell them for the price you chose or the person will make you an offer. This app also requires you meet with the person to sell them item. I’ve done over 40 transactions and they all went pretty well. This app allows you to list things for free (as long as you re-list it on your own when the listing expires).


Poshmark doesn’t require you to meet in person but this app you will be able to sell clothes, shoes, accessories etc. to other people. They will pay for their own shipping and Poshmark will send you the shipping label for you to attach to your package. Poshmark does take a percentage of what you sell but it’s definitely worth it to use as long as you are selling items for a good amount of money.

Facebook Marketplace

There is a function on Facebook to list things on Facebook Marketplace. This works exactly like OfferUp and Letgo but instead it’s on Facebook and it will go to people who live around you locally. Again, you will have to meet up with these people to complete the sale.

Other Ways:

– Garage Sale

– Flea Market

– Depop (an app similar to Poshmark)

– Sell to members of Facebook Groups. If you are part of a community list some of your items. I know that for those who are trying to sell their sorority clothes they can do it on a Sorority T-Shirt Swap/ Sell Page. I’ve sold some of these items myself.

– Put items you are trying to sell on your social media stories and as social media posts– I’ve sold a few things to my own friends and acquaintances because I listed these items on social media

Another way to make 100% profit on some of these items is to find items that your neighbors or people in your town are throwing away. Pick up some curbed items like furniture and re-list it for some money. You will make 100% profit on these items. I also have gone to the dump and found some items that I can fix and sell as well. You could also fix up some of these items and sell it for a decent amount.

If you are interested in trying out Poshmark feel free to use my referral code and get a free $5: STEPHRUSS0811

I hope this post helped you find some ways to make some quick cash. These tactics won’t work unless you do it regularly. I post at least 3 times a week and do a garage sale or sell at a flea market at least 2 times a month. Remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Make sure to comment down below some ways you’ve made some extra cash.

-Stay Chic,

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