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Ryan’s Birthday Planning

This year for Ryan’s birthday I am making big plans for his 21st. I am so happy he is finally 21 and we are going to have such a blast together when we go out! Since this is one of the biggest birthdays of our young adult lives I have some pretty extravagant plans. I wanted to share these with you all because I can’t keep them a secret any longer.

For Ryan’s birthday I am planning two weeks worth of activities. Yes, I said two weeks and yes, I am extra. We’ve been so busy between family events and work/school we haven’t had a moment to do anything for us. I figured doing a bunch of activities during my spring break will be perfect. Let me break the plans down for you all:

How I will execute the plans:

Each day for the whole two weeks Ryan will have a package to open and inside the package there will be a notecard for him to open. The note card will be decorated with drawings and themed stickers as well as information about what we are doing that day. Inside the notecard there will be any necessary gift cards/ certificates, money, or tickets we will need to do these activities.

Monday, March 4th:

Ryan and I will go on a Chipotle date. We are huge Chipotle fans if you didn’t know. The Chipotle will be pre-ordered and we will go to pick it up. Then we will have a cute dinner date at home together watching our current favorite show Parks and Recreation.

Tuesday, March 5th:

Ryan and I will be going on a Target date. Each of us have a preloaded $10 gift card and we have to find the perfect gift for each other. Whoever finds the best gift picks what we eat for dinner!

Wednesday, March 6th:

I will be taking Ryan to a shooting range. Ryan likes to go to the shooting range as a hobby so I figured I would take him to do something he would enjoy.

Thursday, March 7th:

This night we will be going to see Captain Marvel in an IMAX theatre. Ryan will love this because he loves Marvel and hero movies. Plus, he just caught up on the Marvel series and March 7th is the opening night for Captain Marvel.

Friday, March 8th:

I told Ryan that I was making plans for his birthday and I asked him what was one thing he wanted to do. He told me the one thing he wanted to do was have a DIY romantic dinner date with me. We will cook baked ziti (one of Ryan’s favorite dinners) and have a candlelit dinner together this day.

Saturday, March 9th (RYANS 21ST BDAY):

This is Ryan’s 21St birthday which just so happens to fall on our towns St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Ryan and I had planned on going to the parade and doing a bar crawl on his birthday since the beginning of this year. So we will be attending the St. Patties Day Parade and doing the bar crawl in our town!

Sunday, March 10th:

In the morning we will be going to one of Ryan’s favorite breakfast places and grabbing some food. We will then be going ice skating in the afternoon and once we finish we will be going straight to Ryan’s family birthday party/dinner.

Monday, March 11th:

Ryan and I will be going snow tubing this day after he gets out of work. Nearby there is a mountain that does galactic snow tubing which is nighttime snow tubing with a laser show. This should be really cool.

Tuesday, March 12th:

We will be going skiing on this day because it is our favorite hobby to do together. I figured we should going skiing one last time before the season is over!

Wednesday, March 13th:

On this day we will be going to a place near me that does axe/hatchet throwing. This will be a ton of fun for us to do together and it’s also BYOB which will give Ryan another reason to flash his new sideways ID!

Thursday, March 14th:

There is a famous bar near us that I’ve been going to for quite some time now that I’ve been 21 for a number of months. This bar gives you free pizza with every drink you purchase (you can even purchase a soda if you don’t drink alcohol). I will be bringing Ryan here on this day so he can experience this awesome bar and maybe we can play some ski-ball (yes, they also have arcade games and it’s amazing).

Friday, March 15th:

Ryan loves lighthouses and this is one of our hobbies we do together. We visit lighthouses a lot! So I figured I’d bring him to a lighthouse nearby that we haven’t been to yet. Then later on I wanted to bring him to a club a couple of towns over that I’ve been going to almost every weekend. It’s a lot of fun if you like to dance.

Saturday, March 16th:

On this day I will be bringing Ryan on a trip to Atlantic City. Here we will be going out to eat at our favorite restaurant, Ryan will gamble for the first time, and we will be going to a club to go dancing!

Sunday, March 17th:

If you have been reading my blog for a long time then you know I am 55% Irish. Ryan is also Irish so this day we will be celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day with my family. Every year we eat a traditional Irish dinner and watch the movie The Quiet Man. We will also be celebrating Ryan’s birthday with my family on this day as well.

This is the last of Ryan’s birthday plans and I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Make sure to comment down below what your thoughts are on these huge plans and if you have any suggestions.

Stay Chic,

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