My Ski Trip

Recently I went on a ski trip with Ryan and some friends. We had such a blast I wanted to share it with you all. Ryan and I had the idea of renting a house in the mountains and just doing mountain related activities. After planning it all out we decided we should ask friends to come along with us on the trip. We had a gorgeous house in the mountains, needless to say Ryan and I fell in love with this lifestyle.

The first thing we did was go snow tubing. It was so much fun. We all went double tubing at first and raced each other but then we had a better idea– let’s tie four single tubes together and go down. We went so fast we almost reached the fence at the end of the hill (and of course I was in front).

We spent the night at the house we rented eating dinner, playing card games and laughing it up. The house we rented was through Airbnb and it was super affordable with a great location. I suggest doing this if you are planning a trip anywhere. Feel free to use my link and you’ll get $40 towards your next rental of $75 or more: Stephanie Russell Airbnb Link.

The next morning it was actually snowing which was perfect to wake up to (not to mention Ryan made French toast and pancakes). It was a heavenly morning. We all decided to go outside and have a small photo shoot on the mountain while it snowed.

The last day we were there we went skiing and it was so much fun (after a lesson that is). Ryan and I enjoyed skiing so much that the following week we purchased our own ski equipment and adopted it as our new hobby. This trip was so much fun and we are all planning on going back.

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-Stay Chic,

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