What You’ve Missed

I promised to catch you up with my life and I intend to do so! The last time I caught you all up it was during Christmas and I had done a lot since then. I will share pictures and videos while discussing the things you’ve all missed while I was away.

I went out to a fun bar with some amazing friends

I had a small but cute New Years Eve Party. Usually we go up to NYC but this year my family and I caught the flu and didn’t want to risk spreading it. So we did have somewhat of a small party this year.

I went to a fun nightclub with my bestie! We had tons of fun and I beat her in a game of Billiards.

I also had Lilly Lashes commented on my Instagram story that was featuring their lashes! I literally screamed.

I went bowling with my best friends and Ryan. I lost but I enjoyed the game which is what counts, right?

I then had a girls day with some of my besties after a night out!

My sister had a beautiful baby named Savannah Grace.

I got to spend some quality time with my niece Ella as I watched her for three days.

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-Stay Chic,

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