New Blog Art… Who Dis?

It definitely has been a long hiatus from blogging for me but I am back and ready to rock n’ roll! I took some time to really focus on school since I will be expecting to graduate this May. Not only did I stop blogging for the reason of school, but I was in a transition period with Not Too Shabby Chic Fashion. My interests, my fashion sense, how I write and how I take blog pictures was changing. I didn’t want to represent an image that I felt I was outgrowing. So I had to give myself time to figure out exactly where I am and how I wanted to take you on this journey with me.

I am dedicated to providing the best work for you all. I will be coming out with less content in terms of quantity but to only better the quality of content I provide. I’m very excited about where things are going and how much this blog will progress this year. With that being said I am happy to be back. I will be posting 2-3 times weekly and I will try to stick with the schedule of Monday’s, Friday’s, and Sunday’s after this coming weekend.

On a separate note, how do we feel about my new blog art?! I, for one, am very excited and basically in love with the new art. In terms of what I did with my blog I had changed the font and color of the blog Title and the menus. I also designed and changed the logo for the website and the website’s tab image. I also changed the header for my blog as well as where the sidebars and footers are. I updated my social media accounts and I added some new menu options. I am also currently designing new featured images that I will be using from now on, which you can see above. I changed the background of my blog and basically the whole theme of my blog is changed as well.

As for content, nothing seriously drastic will be changing in terms of what I will be writing about. I still have a love for fashion, lifestyle and makeup so these topics will still be covered. For beauty I will continue to review makeup, share makeup looks/ finds, and I will continue to cover skincare. The only thing that is changing in terms of beauty is my beauty subscription boxes. I actually canceled most of my subscriptions because I started to accumulate so much makeup that I had no idea what to do with. I had to continuously get rid of and donate makeup to friends and family. I only have two more subscriptions which are Bootaybag and Fabfitfun. Fabfitfun has been my favorite subscription service I have ever had so I find it very hard to part with. For Bootaybag, I personally just love getting underwear each month because I never have to go out and purchase underwear anymore. I will be adding a menu option for makeup looks, trending beauty, hair and makeovers.

For fashion I think you’ll be happy to hear that I’m adding more content. I will still be sharing “how to style” advice posts, outfits, nails, hauls, and shopping. Sadly, for shoes my JustFab subscription came to an end so I won’t have JustFab content any longer. But I will still be putting up posts about shoes! There are some things I am adding to the Fashion menu like trends, accessories, and weekly. For trends I will be chatting about recent trends in the fashion world, and even sometimes testing the trends out for myself. For accessories I will be discussing different accessories that are catching my eye, accessories I am wearing and often I will share accessories that I purchased. Lastly, for weekly I will be posting my fashion picks from that week. I will be doing that post once every week.

Lifestyle I will continue to post Q&A’s, monthly favorites and anti-favorites, wishlists, DIYs, decor, travel, date ideas, aesthetics and the occasional giveaway. In addition to these Lifestyle topics I will now also cover recipes, fitness, books, my life in updates, thrifting and organization. Recently I have been indulging myself in cooking and I want to share the recipes I find, try out and come up with. I also have been getting into fitness a lot more as well as healthy living so I also will be doing posts on that as well. I love reading so I would love to do more posts on books I’ve read, I also will be doing some original creative writing and I will share quotes and poems here. I do like to post about what I’m doing in life to keep you all updated with what’s going on and to give you guys a chance to get close to me on a more personal level. I never had a good section to put these posts in so now I will designate a menu option for life updates. Thrifting is something Ryan and I have been doing a lot of recently and we are going to try and go once every two weeks to thrift and share our findings! Lastly I would like to add an organization section because as I am trying to organize my life I would love to share my experiences with doing this, how I organize different things, share how it turned out as I follow other organization ideas from other bloggers or books, and even organizing in terms of party planning.

Hopefully you all are just as excited as I am and had a great holiday while I was away! In addition, starting today and ending next Friday I will be posting once every day and talking about my holidays to catch you up on what I got as gifts, my resolutions and more! Starting Sunday the 27th I will resume my normal schedule for 3 days a week!

– Stay Chic,

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