I’ve Been Away… Let’s Catch Up!

Hey everyone! As you can tell I’ve been away for quite some time now and I have tons to discuss. First off, I apologize for not posting as much. I have an explanation as to why I haven’t been posting and I want to tell you everything that’s been happening in my life thus far!

So, as you may or may not know I am a senior in college and I have been working very hard to get good grades. Which is a huge reason why I haven’t been able to write any blog posts. My hard work had definitely paid off considering I made deans list this semester.

Another reason I have been away for a while is because I am trying to re-design the look of my blog! This is something I’ve been working very hard on and the whole redesign will definitely be coming soon! I’m redesigning the look of the blog itself, the look of the posts caption pictures and even the way I take photos!

I also am thinking of re-decorating my bedroom as well! This I’m not sure how or what I’m going to do but I want to definitely figure this out. This is something I usually do when I get bored with the look I already have.

The last reasons why I haven’t been is because life has been a little crazy lately and also Christmas time is here which doesn’t make it easier! But either way I will be trying to post more in the future.

So let’s catch up:

Ryan and I went tree shopping and it was pretty fun!

We decorated the Christmas tree we picked out and I accidentally broke an ornament.

I did a plant arrangement class and made this beauty for my room!

We had a pretty snowy day and I cuddled up with Ryan by the fire and drank some hot cocoa.

I went to a concert and then a club with my best friends!

Ryan and I stayed in Atlantic City for a weekend.

My professor threw us a party for the end of the semester!

I sat by a gorgeous fireplace with my parents as we waited to go out to eat.

I went to a club with some friends!

Ryan and I went to see some pretty lights at a small town.

I had an amazing gift exchange with my best friends!

My niece got to meet Santa for the second time this year!

I stayed in Atlantic City and went to the club with my besties for a weekend.

I went to an ugly Christmas sweater party with Ryan and my besties.

And Ryan and I went to a family Christmas party tonight!

I’ve been having a blast recently and I’m glad I could share it with you all. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Comment down below what posts you want to see in the future.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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