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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Skin Frost Review

Hey beauties! I’m here with a makeup review and today I’m reviewing the Liquid Frost from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I literally was quaking when I saw Jeffree Star was coming out with a Liquid Skin Frost so I just had to get it! I needed to write a review on it and show my first impressions because I didn’t want to test it before I did a blog review and document my experience.

Of course, as always, I will talk about the packaging of the product. It is in very durable packaging and it is definitely vanity worthy. I like that there is so much product you get in the bottle. I also am in love with how the cap twists and locks so there is no accidental spilling. The top also has a pretty durable button that allows the person to suck up the product with their eyedropper and dispense it.

The unicarton was very cute and of course it was pink. What was really cool about the unicarton was how it seemed almost holographic, which of course I am obsessed with. I got the shade Frostbite because clearly the name is sickening but the shade itself is gorgeous! I was conflicted about which one to get because I wasn’t sure what shade would best suit my skin tone. Right now I’m in between foundation shades because I am losing my tan from the summer but I want to make sure that if I go tanning it will still be a good shade for me. I worry only because my skin tone is so warm that any colder toned highlighter makes my skin look very orange.

Luckily Jeffree Star Cosmetics was able to make this beautiful shade that actually makes my skin look gorgeous and glowy. You can even build it up to make it look a lot more blinding but I wanted a more natural look. It also wasn’t too glittery or chunky which could be a problem for other Liquid highlighters. It was the perfect amount of shimmer for me and I definitely recommend purchasing!

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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