How To Make Quick Cash During The Holidays

Hey everyone! So I’m sure we can all relate to the simple fact that the holidays are super expensive. I’m in my last year of college and as a college student the holidays are particularly hard for me as well. With over 35 people to purchase gifts for and the number continuously growing, it’s becoming more of an expense or a bill than a fun holiday. I’ve come up with and even engaged in some quick ways to make money for the holidays and I wanted to share it with you.

1) Garage Sale/ Yard Sale:

This is something that I had done last year during the holidays to make some extra cash. There was a ton of stuff I was looking to get rid of so I cleared house and sold it at a yard sale! I was able to make an extra $100 this way for gifts.

2) Rake Leaves/ Shovel Snow For Neighbors

This isn’t something that I personally have done but it is a great idea! My boyfriend had once made $300 during a snowstorm just by shoveling driveways. Whether it be leaves or snow– if you are able to, you can make some good money by doing these tasks for people.

3) Flea Market

A flea market is the perfect place to sell any of your items and you are almost guaranteed that someone will purchase something from you. People go there to spend money on just about anything– as they say, one mans garbage is another’s treasure. I did the flea market and I was able to make $200 during the summer $65 a month ago and $120 just recently. It’s also a perfect way to get rid of some old clothes. I sold a lot of the clothes that I was going to get rid of anyway and made some nice profit.

4) OfferUp/ LetGo/ Facebook Market Place

These apps are perfect for selling things that you no longer want or need. They are a lot safer than Craig’s List and you can make some decent money. Recently, I’ve made $95 just on selling items around the house I no longer need. I normally use OfferUp for household items like microwaves, vacuum cleaner, elliptical etc. I use LetGo for fashion products like jewelry, clothes etc. Lastly, I use Facebook Marketplace for bigger things and appliances like refrigerators, cars, kids play stuff etc.

5) Poshmark

Poshmark is a perfect app to sell lightly used or new clothes, accessories, shoes and you don’t have to meet up with anyone. The buyer pays for the item and for shipping. It’s an amazing way to make room in your closet and make some money for the holidays. I had overall made $113 from everything I have sold. You can sell items for women, men, and children. A perfect time to list is now because people are looking for affordable outfits for the holidays and gifts for others! If you want to download this app and start listing or buying today feel free to use my referral code for a free $5 to spend on your first purchase: STEPHRUSS0811

6) Etsy

If you have a cricut or are good at arts and crafts, you can make your own Etsy Shoppe! Etsy is my, and a lot of others go-to during the holidays. Nothing is better than a hand crafted and personalized gift. You can definitely make good money from an Etsy Shop especially now that the holiday season is upon us!


This may not be a way to make some extra money but it definitely is the best way to save money while shopping. With the app Ebates you are able to get cash back on a lot of your purchases. I’ve gotten $20 just from shopping and getting cash back for purchases. If you want to start getting cash back feel free to use my referral link and get your first $10 cash back when you sign up with my link:

8) Save Your Change

This sounds silly right? But I promise you, this will be a life saver during the holidays. Get a tall decorative vase and put any of your spare change in the vase. I have saved over $100 this way once. If you do this over the course of a year you can save some extra money instead of letting your change collect in your purse and in your laundry room.

9) Sell Your Old Phones And Technology

You can sell your old phones and technology on a website called Gazelle or you can visit your nearest ecoATM. You can get cash for your old outdated technology that is otherwise collecting dust.

10) Upcycle Old Furniture

A perfect way to make a huge profit is to upcycle old furniture. Drive around your town and pick up furniture on the side of the road (only if it is being given away for free) that looks like it is in pretty good condition and upcycle it. You can do this by sanding, re-staining and re-finishing the old wood, painting it for a rustic look, changing the knobs and more! I would only recommend doing this if you have the space but you can sell the pieces on OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, LetGo and others alike.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it helped with ideas for quick cash ventures that you want to take. Remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure you comment down below what you do to make extra cash during the holidays.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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