Where To Shop For Affordable Decor

Hey everyone! I wanted to share some decor tips for those that might be redecorating during this fall-winter purge season. I know I am in the mood for some rearranging and redecorating as well. So, where do I suggest shopping for affordable decor?

First off, I suggest going to the Dollar Spot in Target for one. I have made some very chic purchases there for my room. The items are usually pretty good quality, chic and they are affordable. I have gotten a perfume stand for $3, a few acrylic makeup holders for $3, some cute decor and storage baskets for $1-$3. I have also gotten some cute storage jars and baskets for makeup for $1, and even $1 wall art. And of course Target in general has a lot of great stuff. This is where I got my coat rack, my television wall mount, my end table, my end table lamp, my wine rack, my tiered jewelry organizer, shelves above my dresser and more!

Another spot I suggest is the Dollar Tree– as long as you are up for a DIY. I’ve definitely gotten some great stuff from the Dollar Tree. I’ve gotten 3 baskets for my dresser drawer to separate my underwear, bralettes/bandeaus/ sports bras, and socks. I’ve gotten cute decorative notebooks and coffee table books as well as cute candles and the occasional acrylic makeup holder. I’ve even DIY’ed a glass vase and stuck silk flowers in it for a cute end table decoration piece. I’ve even used the glass jars to hold makeup and perfume samples for decorative purposes. Another creative idea is to buy the picture frames and make a picture wall collage which is something I’ve done as well. All for $1 per item! Such a steal!

The next place I suggest is AC Moore or Michaels. Why? Because you can get cute decorative jars, boxes, mugs, picture frames and other items on clearance or using a 40-55% off coupon. I’ve gotten all of my decorative boxes from AC Moore using a 55% off coupon. I have also gotten decorative vases, jewelry boxes and picture frames on clearance. I also got items on sale and using coupons to make a DIY Boho dream catcher. Michaels also had a cute home decor section where some stuff is on sale and it is where I got a large bird cage basket where I put my scarves.

Additionally, I suggest going to Five Below for some stuff as well. I’ve gotten a macrame wall art piece for $5, decor for my dresser and vanity for $1-$5. I’ve even gotten felt hangers and under bed storage boxes there for very cheap. There are also very cute throw pillows available there for your room’s chair/couch or bed! Lots of decor is at the store.

Another place I recommend is Home Goods because I’ve made some of my best purchases there for my room. I bought all of my canvas wall art there for very affordable prices, my chic trash can for no more than $12, a lamp for pretty cheap and some other decorative pieces. Everything there is affordable and very cute. They even have the cutest bedding and throw blankets and pillows! You name it, they’ve got it!

The next store I suggest would be a thrift store, the humane society, a flea market, a garage sale, an estate sale, Facebook marketplace, OfferUp, LetGo or ask around in your family/ friend group. Secondhand items are some of the best items I’ve owned. I got a bookcase from IKEA secondhand from my sister for free. I got my dresser passed down to me from my late grandmother. I’ve also gotten my vanity secondhand off of OfferUp as a gift from my parents. My television is from my boyfriend who had a second tv he wasn’t using and even my bed is from a family friend who moved. I also went to the thrift store and got a ton of books for decorating. A lot of the time you can find things for free or even at a huge discount than if you were to purchase it brand new.

The next place I suggest going is to Bed, Bath and Beyond because they have some amazing bedding, decor, storage items, and obviously beyond there! I’ve gotten a ton of under bed storage from them, especially for college and I got a full body mirror from them for pretty cheap as well. I suggest going and using a 20% off coupon (which they are usually offering 24/7).

The next place I suggest is Amazon. I’ve gotten so much from here it’s ridiculous. I’ve gotten a jewelry holder, an earring display, a fur throw for my chair, a map and pins for my wall to display all of the places I’ve gone and other decorations like the golden polka dot wall adhesives for my old college dorm. I also have gotten under bed storage, a canvas basket, and so much more for super affordable prices!

The last place I suggest is Lowe’s. Of course Lowe’s has everything you need to do your own DIY molding around the room, make DIY wooden signs, chandeliers, light fixtures, fans and they even have pre-built things as well. I suggest going to Lowe’s because I’ve made some gorgeous looking DIY signs from their wood but I also got my pretty succulent plant and my closet organizer. The closet organizer is a godsend and I couldn’t live without it!

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below where you go shopping for decor!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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