My Girls Night Halloween Costumes

Hey everyone! I wanted to hop on here and share the costumes I have for girls night Halloween. I think the group costumes we have are so fun and cute and honestly I think they were super unique. I was very happy with them and we had so much fun during our girls night Halloween. We are all generally from the same town so our actual Halloween was on the 30th. We took this opportunity to go to one of the girls colleges and hang out there for Halloween and visit a local bar and fun costume party!

We were super cute Taco Bell sauces! I thought we all looked adorable and still pretty chic and fashionable. I was so happy with how cute we were tonight! These were super cheap to buy $20 on Amazon but I actually had mine made by my boyfriends sister (thank you Danielle) and she said it was pretty easy to make! So this isn’t only a cute group costume but also affordable considering I only spend $3 on the shirt and $7 on materials for Danielle to make it for me. Overall, it was a great night! I hope you enjoyed this quick post on our adorable costumes!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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