Doing AlexaTheGirlGamer’s Halloween Makeup

Hey beauties! I wanted to share a DIY costume and makeup look I did for my fellow blogger AlexaTheGirlGamer. I was very proud of the makeup I did on her and I wanted to share my work. She also was pretty happy because she got a pretty cute Halloween costume out of it.

She wanted to wear a masquerade mask but she couldn’t find a mask that fit her personality. So she explained to me what she wanted and I did my best to give her the masquerade mask that she felt incorporated her personality and the colors that she wanted. Those colors were obviously blue and purple which matched the shirt she was wearing.

I used the Laura Lee Party Animal palette as well as the Norvina Palette and the Too Faced Unicorn Palette to create this look. This eye look was mainly inspired by her sweatshirt and slightly by what she explained she was looking for in a mask. I then used eyeliners from Sephora, Julep and Bow N Arrow to make the drawn on masquerade mask.

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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